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Research Interests

Current Mystery
Who was Charles Maughan (1911-1960s?)?

  • Born near Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, 1911. Father John Ridley Maughan, mother Jane Evelyn Maughan. 

  • Lived in Brisbane, Australia, 1912-1921, with extended family.

  • Possibly lived remainder of his life in UK, around Newcastle Upon Tyne.

  • Possibly married Alice D Fallows in 1934.

  • Possibly had at least one child, a male born at Newcastle on Tyne on 13 May 1940.

  • May have been an officer - Captain or Major - in Signals during WWII.  

  • Was a civil servant. 

  • He may have died in the 1960s.

  • In 1957 DID live at 46 Belle Vue Av., Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

  • In 1957 he was writing his family history and wrote  a letter to the Australian Army seeking information about a WWI soldier. 

  • If written and if it has survived, this history could be interesting. 

  • At this stage, however, it has been impossible to find out anything else about Charles.

  • He was a frustrated family history researcher in the 1950s and in the 2020s is frustrating me with his obscurity . . 

Major Projects 
- Vasco Loureiro
- Renee Erdos
- Kiem / Kime Family History in the Hunter Valley


Other Areas
- Roman Villas at Brightlingsea, Essex, UK 
- Holocaust in Hungary
- Melbourne c. 1900: Art, bohemianism, social history, French connection

- German Templers in Palestine and Australia 

History Education & Education History

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