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Publications & Presentations


2020  History Extension Resource Book, Co-author, editor and publisher; HTANSW, Sydney, two editions: 2020, 2017. Available: History Teachers' Association of NSW


2019  HTA Modern History Study GuideCo-author, editor & publisher; HTANSW, Sydney, four editions 2019, 2013, 2007, 2002, Available: History Teachers' Association of NSW

2004  Old Worlds, New Worlds(with M. Smithson & L. Zarmati), Pearson, South Melbourne

2005  Trinity Catholic College Auburn & Regents Park: the first decade 1995 – 2004(with M. Smithson), Trinity Catholic College, Auburn

2004  Colonial and Contact History(with M. Smithson), Longman, South Melbourne

2000  Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Societies, Longman, South Melbourne

1995  Our HeritageScience Press, Marrickville

1993  Skills in Modern HistoryScience Press, Marrickville

1988  The Children of Franz & Christina(with Robyn Whipp), self-published

Book Chapters


2022  'Mandating the Past: School History', in Paul Ashton & Paula Hamilton (eds), The Australian History Industry, Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne, 2022 


2022  'Vasco Loureiro: British World Bohemian' in Jatinder Mann & Iain Johnston-White (eds), Revisiting the British World: New Voices and Perspectives, Peter Lang, New York, 2022 Available: Peter Lang Review: Carl Bridge      


2019  ‘The value of direct teaching and historical knowledge’ in Tim Allender, Anna Clark & Robert Parkes (eds), Historical Thinking for History Teachers, Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, 2019 Review: Toby Powell 


2016  ‘Captive to Curriculum: Writing textbook history’ in Paul Ashton, Anna Clark & Robert Crawford (eds), Once Upon a Time: Australian writers on using the past, Australian Scholarly Publishing, North Melbourne, 2016


2013  ‘History goes to school’ in Anna Clark & Paul Ashton (eds.), Australian History Now, Newsouth, Sydney, 2013

Articles (selected)

2024 'The Charles Maughan Mystery', Northumberland & Durham Family History Society, 49:1, Spring 2024, pp. 30 - 32 

2024 Klaus Rippert & Paul Kiem, 'Jakob Rippert – Das außergewöhnliche Leben eines Missionars aus Auerbach', Hessische Genealogie, 7:1, 2024, pp. 7 - 12

2024 'The Huybers and Loureiro Families: A Case Study in the History of Australia’s French Connection' Part 2, The French Australian Review, No 75, Australian Summer 2024, pp. 54 - 78.  

2024 Klaus Rippert & Paul Kiem, 'Jakob Rippert und Albert Kahn, zwei ungewöhnliche Auerbacher und ihre Schicksale'Museumsverein Bensheim Mitteilungen, 89, February 2024, pp. 64 - 73   

2024 'Nineteenth century German migration from the Rheingau to Australia's Hunter Valley', Newcastle Family History Society Journal, 245, March 2024, pp. 4 - 7  

2023 'Deutsche Einwanderung aus dem Rheingau in das australische Hunter Valley', Hessische Genealogie, 6:4, 2023, pp. 16 - 20

2023 'The Huybers and Loureiro Families: A Case Study in the History of Australia’s French Connection' Part 1, The French Australian Review, No 74, Australian Winter 2023, pp. 22 - 44.  

2022  'The Role of Serendipity and Collaboration in Adding Texture and Family Context to the Career of Australian Educator Renée Erdos (1911–1997)'Life Writing, September 2022, DOI: 10.1080/14484528.2022.2120170


2022  'Breaking through the Dichotomy between Historical Knowledge and Skills’, Agora, 57:1, 2022, pp. 64 – 68


2021  ‘Renée Erdos 1911-1997’, Australian Dictionary of Biography


2021  'Professor Stuart Macintyre, 1947-2021’, Teaching History, 55: 4, 2021, pp. 34 – 36

2021  'Does "Source Work" work?', Teaching History, 55:1, 2021


2021  ‘Use of Trove in school history classes’, History Australia, 18:4, 2021 


2021  ‘Righting History: Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia’, Public History Review, Vol 28, 2021, pp. 131 – 13

2015  'The Digital Revolution and History', Teaching History, 49:4, 2015

2014  'War and Remembrance in Germany', Teaching History, 48: 4, 2014, pp. 30 – 34


2012  'Have we lost the plot? Narrative, inquiry, good and evil in history pedagogy', Teaching History, 46:3, 2012 


2011  ‘50 Years in Print: Teaching History 1961-2011’, Teaching History(with Denis Mootz, Kate Cameron & Toni Hurley), March 2011, pp. 4 – 18


2008  ‘Renée Erdos (1911-1997): Australian Educator and Founder of NSW HTA’, Teaching History, June 2008, pp. 8 – 29


1979  ‘Socialism in Newcastle: The elections of 1885 and 1895’, Student Research Papers in Australian History, University of Newcastle, No. 4,




2015  'Vasco Loureiro: a bohemian’s journey to the Western Front'PhD thesis, University of Technology, Sydney

1985  'A History of Benedict Community School 1975 – 1984', Master of Letters thesis, University of New England, Armidale  

Websites & Videos (selected)      

2020  Video, 'Past Forward' International Conversations about History Education: ‘Does “Source Work” work?’,  

2019  History Teachers' Association of Australia's ‘Learning Sequences for History Teachers & Students’ (Project manager, editor, co-author) 

2016  Video, History Teachers' Association of NSW: 'History Extension Question 1'

2012  History Teachers' Association of Australia's 'AC History Units’ (Project manager, editor)

2012  'Vasco Loureiro Research Project'

Conference & Seminar Presentations (selected)

2023 International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP) Conference, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 9-11 June (online): '19th Century German Migration from the Rheingau to Australia's Hunter Valley'

2023 Institute for the Study of French Australian Relations (ISFAR), New Perspectives in French-Australian Studies Symposium: 'A Case Study in Australia's French Connection: The Huybers and Loureiro Families' 

2022  Dalwood Descendants' Day, Dalwood Cellars: 'German Vinedressers in the Hunter Valley'

2022  Centre for Applied History (Macquarie University) and Tertiary History Educators Association (University of Newcastle), Public & Applied History in the Classroom Symposium, Sydney: 'Public History in Secondary Schools – Survey and Proposal'  


2021  New Zealand Historical Association Conference: ‘Reflections on the Development of the Australia’s National History Curriculum'


2021  History Council of NSW Seminar Panelist: ‘So, where are we now? Statue Wars: Protests, Public Histories and Problematic Plinths’


2019  History Teachers’ Association of Australian National Conference, Adelaide, SA, ‘Bauhaus Centenary’ & ‘Does "Source Work" work?’ 


2019  History Teachers’ Association of Western Australia Conference, Perth: Keynote Address – ‘Poor History and False Dichotomies’


2018  Teaching and Learning War Research Network’s Public Roundtable on Hidden Histories, Kings College, London: Invited Participant  


2017  History Teachers’ Association of NSW Conference, Sydney: ‘Modernity’


2016  Anzac Centenary Celebration, Brightlingsea, UK: ‘Vasco Loureiro’


2016  History Teachers’ Association of NSW Conference, Norfolk Island: Presenter & Excursion Site Guide


2016  Difficult Histories & Modern Conflict Symposium, University of Newcastle: ‘Vasco Loureiro’


2015  Australian Historical Association Conference, University of Sydney: ‘Is knowledge redundant?’


2012  University of British Columbia, Vancouver: Visiting Scholar Address: ‘Australian National Curriculum’


2011  Northern Territory History Colloquium, Darwin: ‘Australian National Curriculum’          


2010  History Teachers’ Association of New Zealand Conference, Wellington, Invited Presenter: ‘Australian National Curriculum’


2010  Aboriginal Studies Association of NSW State Conference, Sydney, Invited Keynote: ‘Australian National Curriculum’


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