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Kiem / Kime Family History 

The Children of Franz and Christina: the origins of the Kiem and Kime families of the Hunter Valley was first published in 1988. This was well before the digital revolution transformed the way in which family history is researched and presented.  The PDF version below is a largely unrevised copy of the original book.


Overview article in German 'Deutsche Einwanderung aus dem Rheingau in das australische Hunter Valley' in Hessische Genealogie, 6:4, 2023, pp. 16 - 20. 

Revision Project 
Over the next few years, from early 2022, the text of the original Kiem/Kime family history will be updated and revised. Modern technology will be a great help in this revision. At the same time, oral history, documents, photographs and heirlooms passed down within families remain at the heart of family history.  

get in touch if you feel you have something to contribute. 

The Children of Franz and Christina

© Paul Kiem and Robyn Whipp, 1988

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